Dans ODT method (Online Dog Trainer) is a set of principles to train a happy, obedient dog. Most people are only aware of the following dog training methods:

1. Clicker training (Rewarding your dog with a treat for the correct action.)

2. Punishment (Basically the people who shouldn’t own dogs in the first place)

Now a very common problem with clicker training is its effectiveness in the long term. What you’ll eventually find is that your dog will only ever respond to the clicker and she will always expect a treat. (Because this is exactly what she’s been trained to do.)

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This is actually a really common problem and it’s where Dan’s unique method comes in. Dogs are social pack animals and they crave a hierarchy. They need you to become their stable pack leader because this is hard-wired in their brain. Once you are established as the pack leader, your dog will WANT to obey your commands without anything in return.

Dan has fine-tuned this method to make it extremely easy for dog owners just like you and me. His step-by-step videos are incredible and show you exactly how to train your dog. If you’d like to find out more Click Here or visit www.DansMethod.com

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    2 replies to "Dans ODT Method"

    • Danielle

      When you say step by step you aren’t kidding! Dan took my hand and taught me exactly what I was doing wrong and I did it all by watching some videos. It’s amazing how much my dog has improved over the past 3-4 days! Can’t wait to see more!

    • Eric

      Dan’s methods seem to work very well. He is very calm and takes his time when trying to teach a new trick to a dog. I like this approach and I can see how it will change my dog for the better. Thanks for mentioning Doggie Dan!

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