Thanksgiving is a beautiful family feast day—a time we set aside to come together and enjoy lounging around watching TV while gorging ourselves on rich and decadent food. Then we all have a nap. And maybe seconds. Or a sandwich. Just a little nibble off the turkey carcass? A little of that pie you were too full to try after the main meal?

You know who aspires to this lifestyle? Which family member wants nothing more from life than to eat and nap and eat again with periods of watching others play ball? Your dog! It’s like humans created a special day just to live the chosen dream of all dog-kind.

We combed the internet for signs of dog communication. The result? A bevy of images that illustrate the ways in which dogs are attempting to tell us they’d like to be more included in our Thanksgiving activities.

Take a look at this shocking evidence…

Turkey Dog anyone?











Are Dogs Trying to Tell Us Something?













How About Some Mashed shar pei-tatoes?











How about some Warm Pug Rolls?








Need some butter??













Have You Ever Tried Green Bean Casserole with Fried Onions?










I like Corndogs..













Let’s not forget the Turkey






















Let’s Not Forget the Pie





















Happy howlidays! (from Denisse)










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